Our Inception

Our Chairman has always been passionate about education and started working at a very young age to provide home tuitions to High School students. He funded the IT education for a needy student whose family couldn’t have afforded to send him to do a diploma in computers after his High School. That student and his family could not have imagined sitting on an airplane, and today they travel the world and live in San Francisco. He realized how powerful education is via several other experiences, but this one was special for him. He decided to dedicate his life towards promoting education and channelizing education for the ones who cannot access it easily.

He also believes that young brains can be made aware of socio-economic and environmental problems at the young age and prepare them to become responsible citizens and thus that model drives all the projects by Campus India.

Millennium kids are smarter than we can imagine. Thus, we decided to let them own the responsibility of running Campus India. A glimpse of one of the several workshops we did with them....

Mission Statement
सर्वश्रेष्ठ भारतीय शिक्षा (Indian Education at its best)

Our Education teaches us to become a better human and look after humans, nature and our environment. Empowering the youngsters and making them realize that not only their future but the future of their country and the world is in their hands. Their choices today will impact the humanity. Education is not limited to the curriculum in the school, and every school is responsible for bringing up well cultured, well informed and responsible citizens. And at Campus India, we aim to empower these young citizens by making them accountable for their future and give them the responsibility of building a stronger, cleaner and smarter India.

Thanks to the technologies that dominate our life today, the millennium generation is gifted with super processors inside them; irrespective of their socio-economic backgrounds their learning and performing abilities are much higher than our imaginations.

Campus India believes that the generation that is the future of India should get to build a country they want to live in. Being an organization that is run by the students, we take a unique approach towards today's social problems and work towards eliminating by not only tackling these issues but creating an environment that gives these young minds the knowledge and experience to prevent similar problems in the future.

We provide these young minds the ownership of their learning experience and help everyone around them with to serve the goal of " सर्वश्रेष्ठ भारतीय शिक्षा ".

These young minds form the Board of Executives to plan and implement the strategies to promote experiential learning, interest based learning and support government endeavours for the betterment of the society and contribute towards many other social causes.

Scholarship Exam Campus India project will celebrate it’s First Anniversary by conducting India’s First Ever Aptitude based Scholarship exam for students currently enrolled in Class 12th of all streams.
The scholarship is awarded to the students based on the scores of the Scholarship Exam. It is an aptitude exam, which means irrespective of student’s academic score every student has equal opportunity to gain the scholarship. The scholarship fund is awarded without any limitations, which means the student can choose to study any subject and in any university in India or Aboard.
There are three different kinds of scholarships available to students
Sujaan Shree (सुजान श्री)

is the title/honor awarded by Campus India to all the students who score 91% or above in the scholarship exam. Student will be awarded with title, memento, and cheque of INR 50,000.00

Pragya Shree (प्रज्ञा श्री)

is the second highest scholar honor by Campus India to all the students who score 95% or above in the scholarship exam. Student will be awarded with title, memento, and cheque of INR 2,00,000.00

Medhaavi Shree (मेधावी श्री)

is the highest Scholar honor awarded by Campus India to all the students who score 99% or above in the scholarship exam. Student will be awarded with title, memento, and cheque of INR 15,00,000.00

School Awards

The school that receives the highest number of Scholarships will receive special recognition as "Smartest School of the Year - 2018".

Principal of the School will be Titled as "Mentor for Change - 2018" and will get the opportunity to join the International delegation during Campus India’s Europe Tour of International Schools and get the opportunity to visit, interact and collaborate with European Schools and share the best practices for mutual benefits.

All the School Principals participating in this initiative will be felicitated on 28th April 2018.

Please note: There is no FEE of any kind for Campus India Scholarship Exam. If anyone asks for money in any format please complaint to gs@campusindia.in

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